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Excellent amplitude tracking 

Low equivalent output SWR 



Dimensions & Weight: 0.17 kg; Length: 63.30 mm; Width: 17.30 mm; Height: 47.00 mm
Connection & Mounting: N female input. 7mm output connectors.
Construction: Nickel plated brass body; stainless steel connectors. Gold plated beryllium copper contacts. RoHs Compliant
Average Power: 1
Peak Power: 1 kW peak (5 μsec pulse width, 0.05% duty cycle), Input connector only
Power Sensitivity: <0.005 dB/dB/W
Maximum Balance of Power Division:
Frequency Range (GHz)dc to 8.08.0 to 18.0Typical
Maximum Input Power: 1
Directionality: Unidirectional
Frequency Range: dc to 18.0
Nominal Impedance: 50
Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
Temperature Coefficient: <0.0004 dB/dB/C
VSWR: 1.30 (with both output ports terminated in 50 Ohms)
Equivalent Output Wave SWR:
Frequency Range (GHz) dc to 2.02.0 to 4.04.0 to 8.08.0 to 18.0
Phase Tracking: +/-2° nominal between output ports
Insertion Loss: 6 dB (nominal),7.5 dB (maximum)