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Broad Frequency Range

High Accuracy and Repeatability

Control Software Provided

USB Interface

Dimensions & Weight: Length: 56.00 mm; Width: 32.00 mm; Height: 13.00 mm
Connection & Mounting: SMA stainless steel connectors per MIL-STD-348A, interface dimensions mate non-destructively with MIL-C-39012. Thru-holes for mounting.
Construction: RoHs Compliant
Average Power: 0.3
Directionality: Bidirectional
Frequency Range: dc to 6.0
Attenuation Range: 60 or 90 dB
Attenuation Accuracy: 0.5 ± dB
Nominal Impedance: 50
Temperature Range: Operating,-55°C;Non-Operating,-60°C to Operating,+85°C;Non-Operating,+125°C
VSWR: 1.50:1 max
Insertion Loss:
Frequency Range (GHz)dc to 4.04.0 to 6.0
DA6-60 Insertion Loss7.09.0
DA6-90 Insertion Loss11.013.0
Switching Speed: 100 ns
Step Size: 0.5
Input Power: +22 dBm
Input Third Order Intercept Point: +32 dBm
Programming Interface Options: USB 2.0
Input Power Requirements: Powered via USB

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